Our Peugeot 307 "Poppy 2"

3/4 rear view of Peugeot307 We bought this car to replace our Peugeot 306, choosing the same colour. We wanted a car with air-conditioning and automatic transmission. This one has an "up-market" specification, with grey leather seats, a five CD autochange sound system, and digital climate control for creature comforts. We have the two-litre petrol model fitted with a Porsche "Tiptronic" automatic transmission which is delightfully smooth and responsive.

Front view of Peugeot307 We placed the order with St Peter's Peugeot in July 2001, when a brief hot spell convinced us we needed a car with air conditioning. Would you believe that we had to wait until February 2002 for delivery? Apparently the Peugeot factory in France had difficulty in sourcing leather for the upholstery, and have in fact now discontinued that trim option from their "ambiance" list for the 307.

The service interval on this car is an amazing 2 years, or 20,000 miles! John is also happy with the little trip computer which tells miles per gallon (instantaneous & average), miles to next fill up. The display also warns that automatic windsceen wipe, automatic headlights, etc., etc. are active. Porsche Tiptronic gear lever

The picture on the right shows the "Tiptronic" gear lever. The right hand side of the gate has the normal "P-R-N-D" arrangement for automatic gear changing. From the "D" position you can move the lever across the gate to the left. There you can select gears manually, up or down, by pushing the lever up or down. There are also the usual "Sport" and "Snow" automatic programme buttons. The accelerator "kick-down" change is particularly smooth.

Side view of Peugeot307

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