"Spirit of Euph" concert
United reform Church
Malvern Link
Saturday 21st July 2007, 7:00pm

John Warner kindly took his camcorder along to our inaugural concert. The following images are stills from his video. Apologies therefore for poor quality.
Audience in the United Reform Church
The audience wait expectantly for the performance to begin.
Euphology ready to play
Euphology poised and ready to play
left-to-right: Martin, Alan, Micael, Stuart.
Guest MC - Dan Slater
Guest MC - Dan Slater introduces the next number.
Alan Burton playing Elgar's Idylle
Alan Burton playing Elgar's "Idylle"
Martin Warner playing Grandfather's clock
Martin Warner rattles his valves with "Grandfather's Clock"!
Michael Blake plays Sparke's Soliloquy
Michael Blake soothes us with Sparke's "Soliloquy"
Stuart Blake playing 'I Dreamed a Dream'
Stuart Blake completes the quartet of solos with "I Dreamed a Dream"
Quartet at finish
The Quartet acknowledge an appreciative audience, and are happy that their inaugural concert is over!