Malvern Chase Brass Band

this page updated 29th July 2008

The Chase High School Brass Band was formed in 1968 by John Harris with just 14 boys. From these early beginnings the Band went from strength to strength and by 1988 approximately 500 members had been involved. At its peak, the Band has been able to draw upon 100 full members with a further 30 beginners under tuition.

Mr Harris ran the Band for its first 14 years until his retirement in 1983. He was ably assisted by Mr A."Ginge" Trussler until his retirement in 1982. "Ginge" was replaced by Mr Ron Ward and, on Mr Harris's retirement, Mr Ward took over the leadership and was assisted by Mr Stuart Blake, himself a former Band member. It is now currently conducted by Mr Gavin Arnett who took over in July 2004. In that year, the band members voted to change the name of the band from "The Chase High School Brass Band" to the "Malvern Chase Brass Band", recognising that it is now principally a community band with strong links to the "Chase Technology College" (the present name of the school).

Many former band members have progressed into a musical career and quite a number entered military bands like the Grenadier Guards, Welsh Guards, Royal Marines, Life Guards, Blues and Royals and the Royal Tank Regiment. In most years, the major ceremonial occasions, such as the Trooping of the Colour, sees a number of ex-Chase Bandsmen on parade.

Current members include Alan Burton and Michael Blake of Euphology.

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