Berkeley T60 Drawing

The Berkeley T60 Three Wheeeler John's elder brother Peter bought a red Berkeley three wheeler in 1959 and then sold it to John when he (Peter) went overseas on his first posting as a government surveyer. These pictures are from a contempory brochure that we recently uncovered in our attic.

Berkeley T60 Rear View John had the car through his post-graduate years at Nottingham University and we had a lot of fun with it. He and another brother, David used to take part in University motor club rallies with John driving and David navigating. We have no trophies to show you unfortunately.

Driving in snow was particularly interesting; the car managed to forge ahead in quite deep snow, thanks to the front wheel drive, but the rear wheel used to skip from one to the other track left by the front wheels!

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Here is a precis of the car's specification, taken from the brochure.

Twin cylinder Excelsior air cooled two-stroke. Bore 58mm, stroke 62mm, capacity 328cc. Compression ratio 7.4 - 1. Max BHP 18 @ 5,000 rpm. SIBA 12v "dynastarter". Twin coil ignition.
Front wheel drive through Albion four-speed and reverse gearbox. Albion multi-plate wet clutch. Final drive by roller chain through Hardy-Spicer universal joints, placed inboard and outboard of left and right hand half shafts. Gear ratios: (1) 16.82/1, (2) 10.06/1, (3) 7.24/1, (4) 5.21/1, (R) 17.97:1. Maximum speed 55-60mph. Up to 60 miles per gallon.
Seven inch Girling hydraulic. Front: two leading shoe, rear: one leading, one trailing shoe. 502 by 12" Michelin tyres on lightweight wheels with 5 stud fixing.
Burman worm and nut steering box with three-piece divided track rod and 16" two-spoke steering wheel.
Wheelbase: 7' 2". Track front 3' 6". Length 10' 6". Width 4' 3". Height with hood erected 3' 11". Ground clearance 4". Turning circle 32' 0". Dry weight 6cwt 1 qtr.
Resin-bonded moulded glass fibre body with aluminium alloy bulkheads and cross members molded in to form a complete structure. Doors hung on external hinges at forward edges, internal handles. Wide curved toughtened glass windscreen. Full width rear window in fabric hood, complete with hood-sticks and side screens. Adjustable bucket seats, which tip up to gain access to the rear.
Aluminium wheel discs, spare wheel & tyre, fuel gauge, luggage grid.

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